Closest experience to heaven I ever had

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it
– Roald Dahl
Hello my lovely readers!
It is not a secret that I love Lush and that I go almost every Sunday. Lush makes me happy. I tried perfumes, facial masks, henna dyes, bath bombs, solid shampoos… I could say everything!! But there was something waiting for me… A spa treatment!
So last Sunday I decided to buy one of their spa options and the winner was ‘The Good Hour’.
Since the beginning my expectations were high because close friends told me that it was great, but reality outdoes expectations.
My therapist for today was Martin, a very kind guy with a gift in his hands. After filling up a form with medical conditions, allergies and another options as if your vegan (yay!) to make sure they use the appropriate products on you, he started explaining to me what the treatment I chose was about, the products he would use and the music and atmosphere of the room.
As soon as I went into the room I felt like a fairy in the woods. Maybe I am too poetical but that’s what I totally felt.
This treatment requires a level 3 of nakedness (just bottom underwear) so after getting ready I lied down in a termal bed and then Martin came again into the room to start the treatment.
I am not going to explain absolutely everything because you have fo feel it in your bones, but after 70 minutes of peace, relaxation and surrounded by a magical atmosphere I felt that I was born again.
if I had to use just one sentence to describe it it would be:
 – Closest experience to heaven I have ever had –
And, furthermore, when the treatment finished they prepared a lovely tea with rum drops and a bowl of fresh fruit for me!!!!
I couldn’t be happier, and for sure that I will repeat the experience.
Please, if you have the opportunity don’t hesitate and try it because it will make you feel revitalised and very very happy.
Let me know in comments if you have ever tried a Lush Spa treatment or if you want to try it!! And don’t forget to follow me on my instagram and facebook to see more pics. Thank you very much for reading me!
Lots of love,
Anaïs Rose ♥︎

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