From Meat Lover to Vegan ?

My body is a temple, not a tomb.
– Unknown
Hello my dear readers!
Today I want to share with you how I went from meat lover to vegan!
Everything started in 2014, when I began being conscious about what I was eating. I obviously always knew where meat came from, but never went too far thinking about the process, until winter 2014, a Christmas dinner where everything was meat. In that moment I felt a little bit uncomfortable because there was no option but beef and chicken.
The idea of that I wasn’t comfortable eating meat kept stuck in my mind until last May. One day I was cooking one of the recipes I used to love with chicken, but when I had to eat it, I just threw it out. Exaggerated you could thing, but that was what happened. My mind and stomach changed completely after that failed meal. In that moment I started to look on Internet for some info about vegetarianism, and after hours of research I just decided that it was the best option for me.
Every person that knew me since a long time couldn’t believe that I changed and went vegetarian because, I promise, I loved meat, enjoyed so much chicken wigs, and bbq ribs, and Kentucky Fried Chicken, even duck. But I couldn’t do it anymore.
I felt so much better a few weeks after being vegetarian, more energy, loosing weight, having my b12 pill and feeling better than ever. But it just lasted 3 months. After those three months I though about going vegan. It honestly didn’t made any sense to me to be vegetarian and not vegan, because dairy products and eggs still came from animals and they suffer as well. So I decided to start for one week and see if it was easy or not for me and voilá! I did it! Obviously the first week would be easy.
I have to say that I never liked milk at all so that wasn’t a problem for me, the only thing I thought I could struggle with was melted cheese in pizza (I never liked normal solid cheese either to be honest). But if you have a purpose you find the strength to accomplish it. And I did had a real meaningful purpose.
I have actually being vegan for only 27 days, but I know is the best decision I have made and that I don’t ever want to go back to a meat based diet.
And now I would like to explain why I went vegan, and what did help me with the process.
First of all I did it for the animals, I am a dog groomer, had lots of animals (fish, dogs, cats, birds, hens and guinea pigs), I am a true animal lover and defender and to be that and eat them didn’t make sense to me anymore. They do suffer, they are brutally killed and I didn’t want to be part of it anymore.
The second reason was the global environment. A documentary that almost 99% of vegans have seen is Cowspiracy (you can find the documentary in Netflix), they explain 100% perfectly how the animal industry is destroying planet Earth, it actually produces more toxic substances than currently all transports being used daily. A few days ago a girl that I follow on instagram was sponsoring a milk brand and she literally wrote ‘as a curious fact I asked how much can a cow drink and eat in a day and I am totally shocked. Some eat 40-50 kilos of pasture and 100 litres of water.’ How crazy is this???
The third and last reason was health. Did you know that you have eaten meat from an animal diagnosed with cancer? Yes. Lots of cows, lambs and chicken have cancer and we did eat it!!! (I say I because I did it during 22 years). Obviously avoiding eating meat does not mean that you are safe from suffering cancer, but it reduces the percentage a lot. Plus, all the meat that is eaten nowadays is just processed, with lots of chemicals to make it last in your fridge.
I personally have lost since I started being vegetarian/vegan, so far 8Kg (17.6 Lb / 1.25 Stone), and I feel more energetic, with a mind full of peace, and with a tummy full of lovely and yummy food.
As a last thing I will say that I do respect every single person, it took for me 22 years to change my lifestyle and I am no one to criticise another person. I like to be respected and I do the same. In my family no one is vegan nor vegetarian, and only two of my friends are vegetarians. I do not pretend to change people’s mind, but hope that sharing my experience people can be conscious of what they are actually eating.
Let me know in comments what are your thoughts bout it and don’t hesitate of contacting me if you have any question.
Thank you so much for reading me one more week, until the next post you can find me on Instagram and Facebook!
Lots of love,
Anaïs Rose ♥

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