How My Life Changed in Scotland

The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.

– Oprah Winfrey

Hello my lovely readers!
And welcome to the part II of the lovely Bank Holiday weekend I had.
On the last post I told told you that I had to go to the train station to say goodbye to my love, but… what you don’t know is that after our farewell I went straight to the train station because I had to take a train to…. SCOTLAND 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 to visit my besties ‘The van guys‘.
Since I started watching the tv show ‘Outlander’ I could’t help but fell in love with the story and the landscape and I somehow knew that I would discover something on the moment I were there.
So when I booked the train tickets I decided to take the train from Liverpool Lime Street Station, then change at Wigan North Western and from there Straight to Glasgow Central. And after two naps, some reading, hundred pictures of the views and 3 hours and a half I was officially in Scotland.
As I get there very late in the night I decided to go straight to sleep to the place where Manu & David where spending the night.
In the morning, after snoozing the phone more than once and getting ready we took our
cameras, our backpacks and some tea because the road was waiting for us! After driving nearly an hour we found us in the lovely National Park the ‘Three Lochs Forest Drive’.
When we parked and went out of the van, in that moment I felt that I was made to see those amazing views. Everything I’d seen on instagram about beautiful landscapes, dreamy forests and more was nothing compared to what my eyes and my soul was seeing and experiencing. I felt my mind open and my heart full of love just for being surrounded by nature.
We spend there about 5 hours and my feelings were growing and growing, and I can asure you that is possible to fall in love with a place because I did. And specially with the sensation of travelling on the van and have the opportunity of visiting amazing places.
On the next post I will write about my new project but on this post you already had a sneak peek of what could it be about… 🚐🌲
And as every story this post has an end, after those 5 hours I went back to the train station in Glasgow to my way to Liverpool, but the adventure of my life just started so keep an eye on my social media and my web to discover what is to come!
Thank you very much for reading me, and will see you very soon on my next post!
Lots of love,
Anaïs  Rose ❤️

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