I don’t want to hide it anymore

Hello my dear readers!
Today I feel that I need to share this, to speak up and to don’t feel ashamed anymore:
– Menstruation exists and I am proud of my bleeding –
Period starts usually when girls are between 10-14 year old. I was so lucky to start with 11. And since then til a few time ago I was so ashamed of having it. Hiding all the time, embarrassed of going to the toilet with a tampon or sanitary towel because everybody would know I’m on my period. It was such a BIG DRAMA.
It really was, and nowadays for most of women still is.
And I wonder why? If the whole planet knows woman bleed around 5 days a month why do we act like it does not happen and have to hide it?
I am done with it. I am a proud woman. I am proud of my menstruation. And I am not going to hide it anymore.
The acceptance starts with ourselves, and to make the world understand that is a normal thing that has been happening thousand of years, so empower yourself and set your period free of complexes. And men, please, make an effort to understand it and make it easy for us too, because is very important.
Is true that it is not the most lovable thing in life. Nope. It hurts, it makes my mood change quiet a lot in 5 days, I cry more than usual, I want chocolate all the time (thank goodness that I am vegan and the closest store with vegan chocolate is far from me!!) and I can be very happy or very irritated in 5 minutes.
I’ve been living with it since 12 years ago, I know how to deal with it, it would be just easier if the population was conscious about it and understood how it works. Honestly, is so easy to deal with it.
To me speaking it up does help to normalise it, and I really wish one day young girls don’t feel embarrassed at school/high school/life and women don’t feel that they have to hide it anymore.
I know today’s topic was probably quiet different to my usual posts but, my period just started today and I felt the energy to talk about it 😂💁‍♀️
Thank you very much for reading me every week and I wish you have a great day, remember to check  my instagram and facebook.
Lots of love,
Anaïs Rose ♥︎

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