If she could talk – I – If writes well, kisses better

Poetry is the clear expression of mixed feelings.
– W. H. Auden
When I started writing poems I was probably just 14 or 15, but in poetry I found a way of self expression that has been with me until today. My biggest inspiration figures are Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, a Spanish romantic poet and Shakespeare.
My purpose with this new ‘online poetry book’ is to keep it alive, to share my feelings and hopefully inspire you somehow. I hope you enjoy and thank you very much for reading me!! Follow me on instagram and facebook to have more daily posts ♥
If the rain could talk
She would tell you that I fell in love with her
That when I was younger I used to draw her
That I smile the I feel her.
If the rain could talk
Would say lots of things and none at the same time
She would maybe confess that I dance under her
That her nature fascinates me
And cleans my soul.
If rain could talk
She would tell how much she reminds me of my mama.
If rain could talk…
If she could just once…
Anaïs Rose ♥

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