Love & Bananas

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” 
― Mahatma Gandhi
Hello my lovely readers!
Last week I found myself scrolling down on instagram when suddenly saw the post of a friend of mine showing an event he attended to. It was the screening of the movie ‘Love & Bananas’, I saw it was related to elephants and without further ado I did some research.
Elephants have always been my favourite animal.
In different cultures they represent power, good fortune, strong connections, intelligence and peace. And since I’m 7 year old I wear a necklace with the figure of an elephant, so the topic of the movie did touch my heart.
After reading the synopsis I had no doubt, I needed to watch the movie documentary.
Love & Bananas relates the journey of Lek Chailert rescuing and setting elephants free in Thailand and, more specifically in the movie, rescuing Noi Na, a 70 year old blind elephant that had lived a life of forced work and pain.
Since the beginning all my tears where about to fall, it is very hard to see real images of the reality about elephants in the world, to see what humans have done and keep doing with them and, personally, the hardest moment to me was when Ashley, the documentary director, asked Lek: ‘Is she crying?’ And Lek answered ‘yes, elephants cry too’.
The most heartbroken moment seen with my own eyes.
People are not conscious, not at all, of animals suffering.
Animals feel.
Animals love.
Animals cry.
Animals have mental problems.
Animals have anxiety.
And humans only use them for their own benefit.
The day humans understand that animals are equal to us and not inferiors, only then the world will be better.
This documentary opened even more my eyes to the reality these beautiful animals live, and it is very very VERY important that we do NOT contribute to their suffering, here some examples:
  • Do not ride elephants.
  • Do not contribute buying paintings made by elephants.
  • Do not buy jewellery made by parts of their bodies.
Elephants are beautiful animals that enjoy their freedom, their wildness. And if we all say NO to those practices, we will make a better world to them and to all the animals.
Love & Bananas is an open window to the reality that is happening right now and to the life of Lek Chailert, a strong woman that is giving her life to the beautiful giants called elephants.
I am going to leave here some interesting links in case you want to know more, where to watch the movie documentary and a link to their shop as well so you can have a look to their awesome products and help them with a purchase, I am already waiting to receive a pink ‘Elephant vibes’ T-shirt!!!
Hope with all my heart you enjoyed reading this post, and please, watch the movie, you will not regret it 🐘
Lots of love,
Anaïs Rose ♥︎

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