Quick But Magic Trip to Southport

Distance means so little the someone means so much.
Hello my lovely readers!
I guess you know this but being in a long distance relationship is hard. Harder than I ever thought. But every time I see my partner in crime is a moment to celebrate life, to enjoy during the weekend and to have all the cuddles you’ve missed from your partner.
Last bank holiday weekend Mr. M. came from the South to visit me in the North and as we have spent some time in Liverpool (where I live) and we didn’t have much time to explore a farther place we decided to go to Southport.
A friend of mine drove us to the city that is 20 miles away from Liverpool. When we arrived we saw a colourful victorian city but with a very modern life. The contrast of the buildings with the nowadays businesses is the perfect mix of architecture (for me).
As we had just one day to enjoy there we decided to go to the pier and to have a walk though the main street.  The pier had lovely vibes, families with kids, couples having a relaxed time and us feeling the fresh air and the love in our bones.
After our walk the weather decided it was a good moment to start raining (I actually love ‘miserable’ weather hehe) so we ran to the pub of the hotel to have some drinks (Coke Zero for me, thank you!) and simply enjoyed the time to be together and close as we can not do on our every-day.
Next day we just had a late breakfast and took the train back to my city to meet up some friends, and to go the bus station to say goodbye once again to my love.
As a resume of the first part of my bank holiday I would say that the quick trip to Southport was very nice and I could see with my own eyes a beautiful city full of colours and life, with an incredible architecture and with very friendly and kind people. I will go back for sure!
Thank you very much for reading me, and please let me know in comments if you have been there before or if you want to go!
Lots of love,
Anaïs  Rose ❤️

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