Rose in a Van – Project

It’s never too late in life to have a genuine adventure.
– Robert Kurson
Hello my lovely readers!
Last week I gave you a little clue about what could this post be about and here you go!! Since I went to Scotland with ‘The van guys’ and experienced the #vanlife I thought I could do it and I would love it!
Why not? I’ve been thinking about pros and cons and at the moment I got more pros, and a feeling of excitement about it.
I can actually imagine myself driving miles and miles, discovering new places, facing my challenges and crossing lots of frontiers with one big goal: know the world a little bit more.
The planet we live in is too big to not to try to know it, different cultures, languages, landscapes, adventures, and fun.
I am starting the project at the same time this post is being written. I am saving a thousand hundred pics of the van I would love to have, I have a saving plan as well (this is important guys!), places I really want to visit even knowing I can be everyday in a unexpected place, countries I want to go and a playlist to sing out loud.
My idea is to be on the road about March-June 2019, so I still got time to plan the most I can, until then I will be sharing my ideas, the moment I get the van, the list with the places I want to visit for sure and the playlist I think will inspire me on the road.
I hope you get as excited as me this is a big project and I am going to work hard to make it real.
Thank you very much for reading me, and will see you very soon on my next post, until then you can follow me on my social media (instagram & facebook) and for any question you can contact me on my email:
Lots of love,
Anaïs Rose ❤️

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