The Nun 2018 Review

Mary points the way
Hello my dear readers!
Second post of the week and I did come to share with you my impressions about the movie The Nun!! Are you ready? 😱
As an introduction of this story I will tell you that a few months ago my dear friend Sam asked me to watch together The Conjuring 2. I said no but he insisted and you know… everything for your friends… So after watching that movie I could’t sleep literally for two nights because I really am a person scared of horror movies.
Suddenly he said last Friday ‘We should watch The Nun!!! Is already on cinema’. And I thought ‘here we go again’ haha. So we get ready and went to my favourite cinema placed in Waterloo: The Plaza Cinema.
The movie started with a terrific scene in Rumania with two nuns and after 10 minutes of strain the light came back again to the screen (you know.. in every horror movie everything happens at night time).
It actually does not take too long until the action happens. The three main characters appear in the first 15-20 minutes, and they are Frenchie, a lovely Canadian guy that is there to be the pretty faceand (a kind of) hero; Sister Irene, the most brave novice/nun I have ever seen and Father Burke, a lovely man with a hard past.
The story starts with a case of death by hanging in Romania that Father Burke must solve with Sister Irene’s help, and after with Frenchie’s help as well when they all reunite.
The movie is full of action and uncertainty since they get to the monastery until the very end. You cannot expect most of the things that are going to happen and honestly, even with the music you will feel like you don’t know what is going to come next.
Something that really catches me is Sister Irene’s visions, something that I ‘d never seen in a story related to a

nun, and honestly, her paranormal side is a really good role and makes the movie very smooth between the actions.
I don’t want to make a spoiler so I honestly recommend to you a lot to watch this movie because, even I that I am not a big fan of horror, enjoyed it, every scene is full of drama and action and you really get into the story so quickly.
Pros: first horror movie I enjoyed where you will find drama, love, some humour and a very deep story. Not as scary as the conjuring and the conjuring 2.
Cons: hope you sleep well after watching it 😜
Please let me know in comments if you have watch it or if you plan to do it!!
Thank you very much for reading me every week and will see you very soon with another post.
Lots of love,
Anaïs Rose ♥

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