This is a thank you letter


Thank you Ángeles, mother of mine, for bringing me to life, and for giving me wings to fly high.

Thank you mama and papa for giving me part of your life and for teaching me the deepest lessons of life. 

Thank you uncles and aunties for raising me and for making me laugh.

Thank you my beautiful cousins for making me feel your protector.

Thank you to all my friends in Spain (specially Stark, Elena, Analia, Nany, Rafa, Nacho, my Kualatz (Mariona, Júlia, Bea, Saray, Sora, Patricia, Alicia, Irene, Nene). Each of you represent a different thing in my heart, and I love you all for who you are and for the way you impacted on my days. Thanks for the stories, the dramas, the adventure, thank you for growing up with me and for being in the good and in the bad moments. 

Thank you Summer of 2017 for bringing me the hope of flying to a new country. 

Thank you Sam, Luke, Tristan, Bert, Georgie and Max for making me feel home, for making me feel you’re my family. Since the very first day you received me in your home with so much love and warmth and you will always have a part of my heart for bringing me the opportunity of coming to your lives. 

Thank you to all the friends I met in Liverpool (specially Bb, David, Blanca, Antonio, Emily, Chloe, Joe), thank you for giving me a friendship that is more a family feeling than anything else. Thank you for all the dramas, for the late nights, for the messages and support, thank you for the music, and thank you for the love. This one is so grateful for having you in her life! 

Thank you big blue for the memories. 

Thank you universe for putting all you’ve put in my life, and for taking away all you’ve took away, because it all put me where I am today. I am grateful for the tears, for the smiles, for all the strength and weaknesses, for all the challenges, for the good and the bad. Thank you for a year full of feelings because everything lead me here, and I am more than grateful. 

And last but not least,

Thank you my dear Andy.

Thank you for the day we unexpectedly met. Thank you for all the smiles you’ve given to me since that day. For your warmth, for your infinite hugs. Thank you for giving me the confidence in every word you’ve spoken. Thank you for your bravery, for the patience and for all the messages. Thank you for our first date, for making every second count, and for giving me so much magic. Thank you for opening your heart completely to me and for sharing all your dreams, as an individual person and as partners. Thank you for the first kiss and for all the love you’ve put in my bones. Thank you, with all my heart, for elevate my spirit and for absolutely respect me in every single way. Thank you for the art. Forever more. 

I am ready for 2019, it is going to be an amazing year ✨


Lots of love,

Anaïs Rose ♥︎

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