– Welcome to the jungle! –

Hello my dear readers!
As you might know my name is Anaïs Rose and I am a 23 year old spanish girl based in Liverpool and in this post you will know a little bit more about me.
The biggest adventure of my life started nearly one year ago, 10th September, when I took a flight to come to live in the UK. I remember as if it was yesterday what I felt when the plane landed, I started crying and the lovely lady I had next to me asked if I was ok, my answer was ‘I’m happy because I’m finally home‘. 
Since then lots of things have happened to me and always had a notebook close to write all my feelings, sometimes I write poems about the situations or short stories and document as well the places I visit so I can come back, recommend it or just remember my experience. 
And this blog is all about that, to write and express myself and hopefully inspire you as well, no matter how but inspire you, maybe to watch a movie while eating a recipe you found here, or going to visit a new place on the train while reading one of my poems. 
And as a quick introduction of myself I’ll leave you here some facts:
  • I am from one of the most known towns in Spain.
  • Proudly vegetarian since three months ago and will go to vegan soon.
  • I drive since two years ago and it is one of the things that make me feel alive, me my car and freedom.
  • My favourite kind of books are love fictions, real inspirational stories and self-help books.
  • My birthday is very important to me, not because gifts or something like that but share it with the people I love and to celebrate life, it is the best gift.
  • I meditate since I was a kid, and it has help me through my life in so many situations.
  • I don’t have siblings but have 4 lovely cousins.
  • The biggest dream of my life is to complete my 100 life goals (I’ll publish it here soon).
And that is all so far, I hope you get comfortable in this our little place in the world and will see you soon in the next post. Thank you so much for reading me!
Lots of love,
Anaïs Rose ♥

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