Wishes – III – If writes well, kisses better

I wish it was 1989, and we hadn’t mobile phones.

I wish you knocked my door and asked me to go for a walk.

I wish that while we were walking we ate an ice cream and after it we kissed.

I wish words were less and caresses more.

I wish I could give you my heart without broken parts.

I wish we could do crazy things, wake up late and have breakfast on bed.

I wish you just cuddled me while watching a movie.


I wish you looked at me saying nothing, and everything at the same time.

I wish you whispered me the dream of your life.

And I wish one day we could take our backpacks and go somewhere unexpected.


I wish all the stars were aligned and let us share a second.

One second more, and another one after.


I wish I could get lost in your eyes, that I don’t know yet if they’re green or blue.

But I wish I could.

And caress every tattoo of yours while you explain to me their story.


I wish I could give you a present for your birthday and make you laugh.

I wish we could create memories.

And I wish we could take hundred pics.

I wish we could immortalise life.


I wish I could kiss you for the first time and you cover me with your arms.

I wish you could make me forget my past.

Or at least make me remember the past with a smile instead of sadness.

I wish you could give me memories.


I wish we could make a toast for all the created constellations.

And I wish we could think more about the possibles than the impossibles.


I wish you don’t think I’m crazy.

But that if you do you can accept it.


I wish…

Lots of love,
Anaïs Rose ♥︎

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