You – II – If writes well, kisses better

Second poem of the series ‘If writes well, kisses better’ where the feelings of the poet are always exposed without fears or barriers, speaking from the soul, sometimes about love, other times about life, or maybe just all at the same time.


You that look at me with eyes of the colour of the skies
That hug me with love
That make me laugh
That tickle my soul.
You with an infinite smile
With pure feelings
With positive energy.
You that genteelly set my hair aside
To then kiss my neck.
You that caress my skin as if it was velvet.
 You and just you with all your self,
That elevate my soul and make me grow.
And I don’t know how, but in my heart only You are,
To stay the time you consider,
To make of the world a better place.
You and only you, with all my heart.
Lots of love,
Anaïs Rose ♥︎

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